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Affordable Web Sites by Austin Living Online

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At ALO (Austin Living Online) we have a low cost way to create websites that don’t look like each other.  We realize all businesses have different revenue models so we have designed a flexible pricing model to meet everyone’s needs. Imagine having a custom website solution that presents the image of your company to the internet that fits in your budget. Call ALO today to find out how to get started. From the initial base site you can grow your content pages and manage any SEO concepts on your own or we can assist you. We will also help you to create unique content such as image galleries, forums, specialized contact forms, calendars,  Google map pages, product pages, custom stores,  books, polls, site search, content tagging, content aggregation, RSS feeds, and dynamic pages generated from other page content like (Use URL to the Pet Travel Channel).

ALO’s affordable base websites start at $700 and range up to $2000 plus depending on our customer’s requirements and content types. The base website has a 5 page starting point for improved SEO and takes less than a week to go live. The websites include a dynamic home page, contact page, interactive blog and 2 unique pages to meet your services or product needs. Our CMS (content management system) based system has thousands of possible themes to choose from or based on our first meeting we can select several and show them to you. These themes can also be swapped out fairly easily in case you decide you don’t like the one you are working with. Once the site is live we will show you how to add more pages easily to your site and control the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our sites have built-in tools that you can use to manage new pages, SEO, users, comments and other settings. By default we setup all sites up to be ready to use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Depending on your needs we can manage these tools or turn you lose. All sites are managed in our web hosting platform.

Our Goal is twofold. First and foremost is to get your company represented on the internet successfully. Second is to teach you how to use and manage the content of your website to increase your search engine rankings so you aren’t always reaching back to the well to improve your site. We want our customer to be successful and we are not satisfied until they are.

Give us a call at 512-590-0909 to get your company on the web today.

Need a more advanced site like ALO or Pet Airways that doesn’t fit the above approach please call or email us so we can sit down and discuss your unique web site needs.

We host all our own sites. Depending on the size of site and traffic volume determines the hosting fees. Our base and smaller sites first year hosting is $240 or $25 monthly. After the first year it is $250 a year pre-paid or $25 monthly. Most of our sites are in this hosting plan. This price includes website security updates, Domain Name (optional) and DNS management (optional).  We will assist in setting up email services for you with services like Gmail in your domain name.

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